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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What nails ACTUALLY look like: Results part 1

So i decided to do the really cool rainbow cheetah designs first, and they didn't tell me how to do them, so i guessed.
They didn't really turn out they way they were so post to.  They ended up looking like dots, but they were pretty cool.
So here is how i did them....

Step 1: Get all the colors of the rainbow
Step 2: Paint your nails white, and let dry
Step 3:  Starting at the base of your nail, with either pink or red, put dots of polish in a line.
Step 4:  Continue this with the next color, going up our nail with each new color.
Step 5: Once dry, put on a top coat....and then your done!!

<--What the website said it would look like                                      
How it actually ended up--> 

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