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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fantasy Factory

Anyone watch MTV?  If you do, you most likely have come across Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.  Weather you have seen it for a few seconds before changing the channel or watched the whole show, you have to admit that guy is freaking funny.  I am addicted to that show, even though its old, and i laugh every time.  Each so i just so random and something about it makes me love it. 
I want Rob's life, don't you?  Doing what ever you want everyday, doesn't that sound like fun? 
Anyway, here are parts of his show, and if you have never seen the show then YOU HAVE TOOOOO! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Direction

Who has heard of One Direction?  I had heard of them before today, but i didn't really know who they where.  So i heard some people talking about them in school, so i googled them and listened to there song "What makes you beautiful".  Its cute.  I haven't heard any of their other music, so i cant really tell, but they seem good.  I'm not in love, but i do admit they are good.  If anyone knows more about them feel free to comment!  And if you have never heard their music, i put "what makes you beautiful" underneath.  :)