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Sunday, October 9, 2011


      First off, 23 views!  Thanks everyone!  Thanks to everyone who is bothering to read what i have to say!  Just letting everyone know, feel free to comment!  It would seriously make my day. 
 So now onto the topic.  Sports.  Anyone here like sports?  Which ones?  Any favorite teams?  Do you watch sports or play them?  Or both?
        Personally, i play softball and soccer, even though i don't really like soccer.  My favorite sport to play is softball, and i cant stand to watch it.  My favorite sport to watch is by far hockey, but i cant play it to save my life.  My favorite teams are the Bruins, the Eagles (College team) and the Canucks.  But mostly, i watch college hockey and follow the Eagles.  My original favorite player from the Eagles actually graduated and went on to play for the Bruins, and is currently on the Canucks (Andrew Alberts) 
       What about you?  Are you big on sports or not?  I would love to know!

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