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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


First off, i want to say YAY I HAVE 5 VIEWS!  Thank you to those 5 people!
Now on to the topic, nails.  Do you like to paint them a lot or do you think its a pain?
I love to paint my nails, not as much as my sister, but its fun.  The actual painting and erasing isn't so much fun, but i love how cool they look after. 
If you are one of the people who likes to paint their nails, i have some cool ideas for you.

Marbleizing your nails:
Step 1 ~ Paint you nails a light color (i suggest white)
Step 2 ~ Wait for the them to dry
Step 3 ~ Get a cup of water ( I suggest paper)
Step 4 ~ Pick a few colors that you like, and put a few dots of the nail polish on the top of the water
Step 5 ~ Get a tooth pick and swirl the nail polish until you like how it looks
Step 5 ~ Dip your fingers in the swirl and pull them out of the water
(You may have to put more polish on the water again to marbleize all of your nails
Finished product:

Newspaper Nails:
Step 1 ~ Paint nails a light color (Like very light pink or white)
Step 2 ~ Wait for them to dry
Step 3 ~ Cut out 10 squares of newspaper words
Step 4 ~ Dip your fingers in rubbing alcohol
Step 5 ~ Quickly press the newspaper face down on your nails
Step 6 ~ Press down for about 10 seconds
Step 7 ~ Pull off newspaper
Step 8 ~ Apply the clear coat
Finished product:
So if you like decorating your nails, than hope you like this other wise, feel free to say your opinion. :)  
Thanks for reading! 

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