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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bruno Mars

What do you think about Bruno Mars?  Do you like his music or not so much?
I think his music is awesome, and from what I see, I think he is a good person is too.  He hasn't really ever messed up, except for one time, and for him to admit it, the paparazzi didn't have to chase him down, he told people on his own.  This makes me think he actually feels bad when he messes up, and he respects his fans enough to admit what he does and when hes wrong.
My teacher on the other hand, thinks his music is terrible and depressing, therefor she thinks hes a bit emo.  She says, and I quote "The song Grenade sounds like a physico verison of a Dr. Seuss book."  I think the song is sweet, showing that he really cares about the girl, instead of talking about her like she is an item that he owns.  I think is refreshing for a male artist these days to treat girls with respect in their songs. 
So what about you?  Is your view like mine or my teachers?  No answer is right, so feel free to comment! 

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