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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So before i start, i want to say that i saw that i have 2 page views, and even though that's not a lot of views, at least i know someone is out there reading this.  So to the two people who bothered to read what i have to say, THANK YOU! 
    Now onto the topic of this post, papers.  We all have had to write one at one point, and some people mind them more than others.  Some people hate to write, and they hate to have to write a school paper.  On the other hand, some people think its okay, or even fun to write them.  I for one, don't necessarily like to write papers for school, but when it comes to types of assignments, its one of my favorites, because obviously i like to write. (Otherwise i wouldn't be writing this)  What about you?
Do you like writing school papers, think they are okay( like i do), or do you totally hate them?

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